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Modemless internet

My house is connected with cable nbn and recently our modem has dissapeared. I was wondering if i could get internet by connecting a telstra cable to wan adapter to the cable from the street into my pc.

So far i have tried this and it says im connected but all sites say that my connection isnt private. How do i set up my ip adress priperly to use the internet without a modem 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Modemless internet

The connection isn't private warning is just your browser telling you you are connecting using http instead of https.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Modemless internet

If you have the PC connected directly to the cable adapter the PC will have a public address and will no longer be protected by the firewall of a modem. With a public IP address anyone can connect to your PC via the internet. See Whats dangerous about public IPs in link below


"It allows anyone, anywhere to connect to your device directly from the Internet — and that includes cybercriminals. As they say, when you connect to the Internet, the Internet connects to you, in this case — directly. By exploiting various vulnerabilities, cybercriminals can get their hands on your files and steal confidential information to sell or for blackmail."


You will need another modem or router so that your PC will no longer have a public IP and will be protected by the NAT of the router or modem.

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