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NBN FTTN Dlink Taipan dropouts

Hi guys, I'm here out of desperation. Telstra tech support have been worse than useless with even the most basic information. So here goes.

I have an NBN FTTN connection. Brand new copper, as the NBN people managed to mangle the existing.

I *had* a Gateway Max modem/router/POS. It was somewhat adequate, although very slow to do anything of consequence. But it worked.

A few months back, I started getting random slowdowns and complete dropouts. I was ill at the time and by the time I could report it, it seemed to have resolved itself. Shrug and move on, right?

Well, a few days ago, the dropouts began anew. And then the damn thing went pop, there was a wisp of smoke and the unmistakable stench of dead electronics filled the room. Yes, it was on an (expensive) surge board. No surges.

So I sort of shrugged and decided that, screw it, I'll go and get myself a competent piece of hardware. The dropouts were likely the twitching spasms of a dying router, right?

So I went out and dropped nearly $500 on a D-Link Taipan. Which the internet tells me is NBN FTTN compliant. I set it up and off we went. Speeds were MUCH faster, latency considerably lower and I was cheering.

And then the dropouts started. Again.

So. Old router dropped out, new router drops out. That would seemingly eliminate the technology, right? Right?!
So I decided to ring Telstra. 2 hours and a migraine later, I was no closer to a resolution. Tech support didn't even try. All that happened was they dribbled on about sending me a new router. I will NOT be herded into using their technology UND ONLEEE THEIR TECHNOLOGY!
I submitted a complaint, and (apparently) the fault was referred to the NBN. That was about 4pm yesterday.

0930ish this morning, I get a phone call. From Telstra. Saying that NBNCo have told them it is my router causing the issue. Which I find suspicious - NBNCo don't usually act that quickly, nor that competently. I'm not inclined to believe it.

So. Backstory complete.
The reason I am here is to ask if I have set the router up properly. I'm *fairly* certain I have, but hey. I want to make sure I'm in the clear before I take this to the ombudsman.

It is set up in DHCP mode, nothing but the phone line between it and the wall socket. SRA mode is active (came across a forum that said that may help with connectivity issues, but it made no difference).

I've read that Telstra FTTN doesn't require a login, nor does it require tagged vlan, and it has automatically chosen PVC-1, I don't understand that one but I assume would be correct.

As it stands, when the connection IS active, it is fast and completely stable (no dips and peaks in speed or latency). It drops out a few times an hour, and can remain dropped out for upwards of an hour.
I am loathe to believe it is my brand spanking new router, especially if the old telstra one was doing the exact same thing before it went to router heaven, especially when NBN techs have recently been in the area.

Please, for the love of science and bacon, be of more help than I've had from "tech" support...

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Re: NBN FTTN Dlink Taipan dropouts

Although it is probably not the modem I suggest you accept the offer of a replacement modem at least then you will have definite proof that is not the modem.
On the replacement modem you can also check the state of the line. Advanced > Broadband > DSL diagnostics. This will show the number of errors on the DSL link and also number of times modem has had to reconnect due to a intermittent fault on the line.
Looking at the manual for the Tiapan I cannot locate the page were this information is located.
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Level 23: Superhero

Re: NBN FTTN Dlink Taipan dropouts

As @cf4 has said, you should accept the new modem, if it gets drops as well if gives more evidence that can be sent to NBN that its more likely a line fault.
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