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NBN phone or internet work , but not togethee

my parents NBN box, they either get the home phone or the internet but not both. The phone comes in the black cable behind the box ( doesn't seem to be actually coming from box at all). For the phone to work they have it like this, but for internet to work they change over plugs cables and it is fine, though no home phone. They have had nbn tech out already, and this is what they have been left with. Does this normal? Thanks for advice 

IMG_20191103_161851.jpgDoes this look right?


IMG_20191103_155655.jpgPhone line comes from wall not box


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Re: NBN phone or internet work , but not togethee

The correct set up is:

UNI-D1 port on the NBN box connected to RED WAN port on modem.

Phone connected to green phone port on modem.

On the modem the Phone light, Online and Link (Gen 1 modem) / WAN DSL (Gen 2 modems should be green.


Could you tell me what version of the modem it is (DJA0230, DJA0231 or LH1000)? There is a Label on the bottom of modem with model number. Also what colour are the lights on the Top of the modem Gen 1 and back of the modem Gen 2 when connected correctly?


That wiring is a real birds nest and I don't think a Telstra would leave it connected like that as a permanent solution.

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Re: NBN phone or internet work , but not togethee

Thanks. It is LH 1000 and the phone works when udi D2 is plugged in, no internet; uni d1 phone works, no internet. I'll get them to get another service call .. ta 

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: NBN phone or internet work , but not togethee

This was a common problem with LH1000 modems running early versions of the firmware. The Internet would not work but phone would work when modem was working on main link. Internet would only work when modem was working on 4G backup. When plugged into UN!-D2 port the modem would switch to 4G backup as that is the incorrect port.


The latest firmware for modem is .8.06r. The firmware version is displayed on LHS of modem's log in screen which you will see by opening a WEB browser on a pc connected to modem and going to

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