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We are installing NBN Friday and I am a bit concerned that the Modem will not be connected to the prime line but off an extension outlet that was put in years later. The prime line is a wall phone with no power outlet nearby. The extension outlet was hard wired connected to it. Will NBN work? I have the modem now. The wife insists on still having the wall phone in the kitchen.

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It depends on how far you are from the node. If you are close to node it should work. All phone will need to be disconnected and connected to modem phone port.
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You should connect to first point of entry and have the rest disconnected no matter what wife thinks... You will need certified cabling contractor to do the disconnection and electrician to bring the power closer to prime spot (or use power extension cable)… Any extra cable, particularly if not correctly terminated can cause problems and is your won responsibility... Sorry to be a bearer of bad news...
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