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Telstra has just emailed me to say that the NBN is being rolled out in my suburb. We won't be getting fibre to the premises. The closest node is three streets away. I am wondering if the NBN will actually work with the node being so far away. I have a fixed phone line with a Telstra Smart Modem that Telstra tells me is NBN ready. I use ADSL broadband and Wifi. The whole street uses Wifi of one kind or another. Copper wires to each residence are underground. Some neighbours have satellite dishes on their roofs as we are not far from a hill with mobile phone towers on it. I have a number of devices (landline--wall-mounted in the kitchen, desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone). I also have phone outlets in three other rooms. Could may be go without the landline but not sure re security in case of the NBN dropping out if there is a power outage so the smartphone would not work? My Telstra bill is pretty large––$210 plus each month. Would really like to reduce it. This is down about $70 since I had an additional landline removed. (It took Telstra 3.5 months to do this causing me enormous stress). I am wondering what the best solution is. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks very much in anticipation.

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VDSL should work at up to 1.5 Km. If you have three phone outlets you might have to employ a cabler to isolate the two spare sockets from the one used for internet connection and have the socket used for internet connection connected directly to incoming street cable

You can get NBN including landline phone from $69

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You're NBN should be fine. Three streets away isnt to bad. Generally its up to 1.5km in most cases and will be faster than your adsl. Depending on your monthly usage mobile broadband is an option. If you dont like your NBN in the first 30 days you can cancel your contract without penalty if you dont like it.

The satellite dishes on the roof are most likely for foxtel by satellite.
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Support Team
Support Team


Hi @fedup44


Let us know if you have any questions regarding the plan options cf4 has linked you to. 


In regards to the NBN speeds, can find details on that here:


If you ever experience any issues I would recommend initially checking the outage tool here: followed by the troubleshooting steps here:;


Our NBN Tech Support team can be reached any time on 1800834273 (say fault) or via Live Chat here:

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