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Nbn issue

Fibre Optic cable fell out and Telstra is useless. I rang last night to report issue even though i told them i had troubleshooted and the web site said i beeded a technician. After 30 minutes reading there script they booked an appointment for nbn tech between 1 and 5 the next day. After waiting till 4.20 i rang to confirm that they are still coming. Told they cancelled and i only need  to turn it off and on, wrong! I told them i need a tech to come and why didnt they contact me if cancelled, she hung up, i rang back got someone else told them the story again they out me in hold for 20 min then hung up but they did ring back but told ne tech rescheduled until 30 jul then hung up. Received sms to state 30 jul cancelled ring to reschedule this is bull**bleep**. The box fell off the wall which caused the fibre cord to come out so how flimsy was that, telstra help is not helpful at all and keep hanging up, meanwhile i am paying for internet j dont have !!!! Not happy and will look at changing provider but in the meanwhile i still need an nbn tech but have to go through provider this is ridiculous!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Nbn issue

It's NBN Co who are cancelling on you. You can only persist in requesting that Telstra request one to attend each time it happens and hope that NBN Co actually did their job. 


You can lodge a complaint about NBN Co directly with the Ombudsman via

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