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Netgear Cg3100d2

The NAT has been turn off and I know this turns it into bridge mode.

Can you just go into and turn NAT back on without causing problems with the connections.

If it's not how to turn it back on could you let me know how I can.

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Re: Netgear Cg3100d2

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You should not have any issue's with your connected devices if you re-enable NAT.


When in Bridged mode, the modem passes all WAN to LAN, giving all connected devices a public IP address.


When in router mode, the router component of the modem passes WAN to NAT to LAN, giving all connected devices a private IP address.


So if you are re-enabling NAT, the connected devices will lose their public IP's for private IP's, there should not be any issue's with the modem issuing the DHCP leases on the fly.


I hope that answers your question, and if you need any further advice, please feel free to yell out! Smiley Happy

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Re: Netgear Cg3100d2


Have had e tech out was still having connection problems when Iturned the NAT back on.

He connected a new CG3100D-2 and have had no problems since.

Look like fault cg3100d-2.

Thanks very much for the info.

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