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Network and Router vagaries...

So, I have a relatively large internal home network - about 40-50 devices - computers are predominantly apple, and raspberrypis, assorted smart switches.


I have set up a "pi-hole" on a PiZero to get rid of some of the crap traffic. I have also set most of the devices to be issued fixed IP addresses based on their MAC Addresses within the router.


Apple Devices, apparently because of their mDNS by default are hostname.local.  My laptop, for example, was working fine with that. Apparently there is functionality that allows .lan and .home as well.  But recently I noticed that these devices are being presented as hostname.modem - that's an added confusion - is there anywhere in the modem settings that this can be controlled or disabled.


Secondly, my laptop has a hostname of Asterix (everything of mine on the network follows the Asterix and Obelix naming model - that is what it is set at in the Apple Sharing Preferences.... But, I noticed that if I issued an ssh key pair, it wasn't signed with that... It was AsterixPetersLaptop.modem. - huh, where did that come from - digging around, I realized that in the Modem settings allocating IPs on Mac Address, there is a "name field" which is "AsterixPetersLaptop". So, for some reason, the setting that I have in Preferences (Asterix) is being ignored, and it is picking up the hostname from the modem/router. That's easy enough to work around - but just wondering a) WHY, and b) is there any way of controlling this - I guess I can also work on multiple entries in ssh known hosts files etc, for blah.local and blah.modem being the same, but again - is this controllable in any better fashion...


That begs the question - is there sufficient "smarts" in the standard Telstra Modem/Router  to run some level of internal domaining. What I mean is if I own, the domain "" (and am using it externally for hosted mail etc... ) is there a way of setting up things so that say my 3D Printer (PI) controller - mechanix would behave like it is

Old IT/Comms curmudgeon - did tech support for Alcatel System 12 Exchanges in my day - designed a bunch of stuff for Optus.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Network and Router vagaries...



Thanks for contacting us. I apologise for the delayed response. This area would be something that our Platinum team will be best to assist you with They can be reached on 13 75 87.


- Tim  


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