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Nighthawk M1 Router - Detecting Service

I was prompted to update to for my device (due to my router connection consistently dropping out or device randomly shutting off) - the update solved those issues however, lead to me being unable to see my data usage information in the mobile app or online. Apparently this was an issue with a different update and the recommended response was to do a factory reset. After the factory reset was complete my device has been stuck on detecting service. My connection is consistently fine and I'm still able to use it without any issues, it is just really annoying to not see the data usage. Any help? Thanks

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Re: Nighthawk M1 Router - Detecting Service

I am experiencing the same issue with my device, is there a fix to this? I use this for business and it's important for my workers to be able to see how much data used.

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Support Team

Re: Nighthawk M1 Router - Detecting Service

Hi @Panna3 Welcome to CrowdSupport!


Sorry you're having some troubles there, our Mobile Broadband>Faults team may be able to assist further on 13 22 00 24x7, or the My Account help team here: to see what we can do to help your usage meter update again. 

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