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Problems with modem/NBN box and a customer service complaint

So, last Sunday I woke up to find the Telstra smart modem playing up. Specifically, it would behave like this: First, the signal and link lights would turn green. After 20 seconds or so, it would start buzzing loudly and then turn off. It would then turn on again, the signal and link lights would go green, and rinse and repeat after that.


We called Telstra support on Sunday and managed to stop the buzzing noise. Our internet still wasn't fixed yet, however. We booked a technician to come look at the line, who cancelled on the day because 'they remote tested it and found no problems'. Well, since it apparently wasn't an NBN problem we called Telstra again to try and get a replacement modem and were told we can't get one without having a technician looking at the line first. What? 


So, after being cancelled on by our first technician, we had to book a second for today. Who, as you can probably guess at this point, also cancelled for the same reasons as the first. Yet again we called Telstra and were told that we cannot get a replacement modem without having a technician look at the line. After being cancelled on by the technicians that Telstra themselves booked twice!


So at this point I realised that Telstra's phone support is basically just an exercise in performance art with themes of irritation and incompetence, so I decided to post on here as a last resort. Is there any way I can fix my internet, which has been down for a week at this point, short of changing to a different service provider? Which, to be clear, is literally the very next step I will be taking if this post does not help. 


At this point I just want my internet fixed so I can use the service that I pay for. What are the possible problems, and what are the solutions that I can perform myself (since getting a technician to do anything seems like a lost cause)? 


Thanks for your help.

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