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Slow Wifi speed from Telstra Smart Modem


Since connecting to NBN at my home and being sent a Telstra Smart Modem, my Wifi speeds are extremely slow no matter what device is connected, and time of day.

When conducting a Telstra speed test, results come back 5.4 mbps for download an 1.0 mbps for upload.  No matter what device you try this speed test on (mobile phone, surface pro) delivers similar results.  Have even had a new modem sent by Telstra and same performance issues.

On back of modem, all of the following have green lights: online, WAN/DSL, Mobile mode and mobile signal.  There is no landline phone so no light for phone.  Light on front of modem is blue.

Have tried rebooting and doing a hard reset on the modem several times.

Have called Telstra support 8 times and they have conducted remote testing and from their end, appears speeds are at least 40 mbps which are not being experienced in the house.

Support have said something about the modem running on '4G backup' and not connecting to NBN properly.

Have tried to book an NBN Co tech to come to the house to check, but each time its booked the tech gets cancelled automatically by NBN Co with a SMS sent that they have done their own remote testing and a tech will no longer be required.

Really don't know what to do.  Have called support 8 times, lodged two complaints even contacted a Telstra shop and still no solution.

Appreciate any other thoughts or help of what I could do.


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Re: Slow Wifi speed from Telstra Smart Modem

What type of internet connection do you have and what model modem. It does look like he modem is running on 4G backup instead of main connection.


If your old internet connection was ADSL you might not have transfered to NBN. If still on ADSL make sure your bigpond username and password is entered in the basic broadband pppoe settings.


If you have been transferred to NBN and modem is connected correctly  then the green WAN/DSL light indicates NBN physical link is Okay but either NBN have wrong codes on link or Telstra have not configured connection correctly.


With NBN the phone light should be on even when no phone connected.




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Re: Slow Wifi speed from Telstra Smart Modem

Thanks cf4

I was on ADSL but transferred to an NBN plan and connection.

The modem is a “Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 with voice backup”.

To configure correctly should this be able to be done by Telstra support remotely? I’ve rang them literally 8 times each call close to an hour and still the same result.
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Slow Wifi speed from Telstra Smart Modem

Yes Telstra support can check that the connection is set up correctly remotely. If NBN co want send a Technician and Telstra insists it’s the NBN link that’s causing the problem then Telstra should send a Technician to verify it is the link that is faulty.


There are two smart Gen 2 modems one produced by Arcadyan (LH1000)and the other by Technicolor (DJA0231). The model number is written on the bottom of the modem.


If your connection FTTN/B to check if the modems are connected to VDSL or still on ADSL log into the modem and on the Arcadyan go to Advanced > Internet and check xDSL current status. On the Technicolor modem go to Advanced > Broadband > DSL Link and check the DSL type. If connected to NBN should show VDSL.

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Re: Slow Wifi speed from Telstra Smart Modem

Thanks again cf4 much appreciated

I have an Arcadyan LH1000 modem. Would I be able to login myself to adjust those settings? It’s just that despite 8 support calls and the last three of them where I’ve figured out the problem myself Telstra phone Support don’t seem to be able to resolve it.

When you ring Telstra support they seem to repeat the same routine which is remote testing that can’t detect a fault, offer to send out a new modem which they have and hasn’t resolved it or escalate to NBN co for a tech to attend but they cancel automatically as on line testing they don’t see a fault
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Slow Wifi speed from Telstra Smart Modem

You can log into the modem and check the connection type. To log into the modem open a Web Browser and go to http://192.168.0,1. Username and password is either admin/Telstra or admin/telstra.

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