Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Smart Modem Gen 2 Arcadyan LH1000 Traffic Monitor incorrect information

Has any one else noticed that some of the readings on the traffic monitors is incorrect?


  1.  Internet Traffic Send and received are reversed.
  2. Total Internet Traffic lower than expected compared to total network traffic. (Total Internet Traffic 3.6 GB, Total WiFi Traffic 7.8 GB)
  3. Ethernet Traffic seems to be a total of all the local Network traffic (Ethernet, 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi)

See images below for examples. Note nothing was connected to any LAN port.





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Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Smart Modem Gen 2 Arcadyan LH1000 Traffic Monitor incorrect information

Since posting my previous post I have also noticed that the DSL link stats are inaccurate. The Downstream ES, Upstream ES, Downstream SES, Upstream SES, Downstream UAS and Upstream UAS are in the wrong row. I suspect that the stats for the rows below these are also but as I have not had any these errors I cannot confirm my suspicions.




I doubt that these inaccuracies will ever get fixed as Telstra seems to have no method for consumers to report bugs in the modems. As far as I know there are similar faults on Telstra Modems traffic monitors and link stats dating back to the TG797. I just hope that Telstra has a better method of detecting faults with its server stats and traffic meters.

Level 14: Field Agent Mkrtich
Level 14: Field Agent

Re: Smart Modem Gen 2 Arcadyan LH1000 Traffic Monitor incorrect information

I think you have identified some valid inconsistencies. Is it possible for you to ask one of the Moderators to pass it on to the Product Manager for attention.


Unless there is a published Help guide explaining what these statistics represent, what the three letter abbreviations mean, what these statistics are meant to be measuring and at what points measurements are taken, these reports become admirable pages and graphs that tick a features list but have no meaning. From my very limited understanding of matters, there appears to be a continued mystery of indifference by Telstra to users. Happy to corrected, as I am a reader of communications, not a practicing specialist, but these are the questions that came to mind from trying to understand the reports.  


1.Internet Traffic - is this the sum of traffic on both WAN MACs - the Ethernet and 4G LTE WAN? 

2. Ethernet Traffic - does this include traffic to and from the Gateway LAN MAC ( which may be used by owners to communicate with the modem or also include background TR-069 communications for regular heartbeat and firmware upgrades.

3. Wi-Fi Traffic - how is this measured - it is a hub topology, once WAN traffic is received, the modem broadcasts the same information to all devices connected to it ( I don't know if that goes through the Ethernet Switch or via the PCIe bus direct to the Wi-Fi radios - maybe it gets switched from the WAN MAC to the Gateway MAC first for on-sending). Each device is monitoring the transmission on the SSIDs, only taking in its own MAC addressed information, whilst others dismiss it, so how and where is measurement undertaken.

4. The same occurs from the device to the modem and if that device has both SSIDs programmed and roams, the device is always communicating with the modem ready to swap over to the stronger signal, so some sort of dual communication may be going on in background. Is that also included?

5. If MU-MIMO employed , the modem may act like a switch directing signals to a device/s (1-4) within the MU-MIMO beam but that feature is not prevalent in a lot of devices yet for them to participate.


So there is a lot of data going around and someone has decided how they are going to measure it. Everyone seems to agree that Telstra needs to release the published  documentation that they hold, no technology is made without documentation - the Help Screens in the Arcadyan are superficial , the Technicolor Help Screens are more helpful but both could do with serious workover to provide more detail. 


Hoping a Moderator actually does something with your feedback. Good on you for raising the topic. 


Level 4: Private Eye

Re: Smart Modem Gen 2 Arcadyan LH1000 Traffic Monitor incorrect information

One possible reason why wi-fi traffic may be higher than internet traffic would be, for example, traffic going to a printer that routes through the Arcadian?


Also, maybe wi-fi stats include usage from Telstra air? 🤔

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Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Smart Modem Gen 2 Arcadyan LH1000 Traffic Monitor incorrect information

Traffic going to a printer might explain some of the extra traffic but would not account 4GB of traffic. There would also be extra traffic on WiFi due to devices on the network communicating with each other but again unless you streaming video from a local server, or have a NAS connected 4GB of extra data would not be used.


I have a Technicolor modem now and there is only a few % difference between WiFi Data and Internet Data.

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