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Smart Wifi Extender. Laptops wont connect. Other devices do

I have recently purchased the Smart Wifi Home Extender discs.

I have setup the discs as a seperate SSID from the telstra router. I have been able to connect my PS3 and 3 Iphones to the new extenders but have tried 3 seperate laptops and all say unable to connect when I attempt to connect to the network.

I have tried renaming the original routers SSID and the discs to no avail. I have enabled compatability mode. Checked that network adapters have the latest driver and still no luck.

In the error logs I can see an error when the laptops attempt to connect about a pair key handshake error. Discs are set to use WPA2 security.

Why can't I connect the laptops if other devices are connecting ok?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Smart Wifi Extender. Laptops wont connect. Other devices do

Hi Tiger82


Have you tried changing the security type, bandwidth and channel number? You may need to clear the WiFi setting on the computer before trying to reconnect after the change. 

If the laptops cannot connect still then the faults team can investigate on 132200


- AlistairQWA

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