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Smart modem Gen 2 with Cisco router

So Telstra have 'kindly' sent me a new Gen 2 Smart modem and cable adapter due to multiple internet outages in our area from NBN 'upgrades'.

My old setup was a Gateway Max in bridged mode to WAN port on Cisco RV130W.

The wireless is not used on the RV - I use multiple separate wireless AP's. 

The Cisco is used as I require multiple concurrent pass-through VPN tunnels for work.  So I get good VPN speeds for multiple outside connections.

I cant get 4G failover with bridged mode on the smart modem, so that is out.

I currently have the Gateway Max (port 1) still connected in bridged mode to the Cisco (WAN port) with the Cisco doing the internal routing.  The cable adapter didnt register and I havent had time to go though the manual process yet.

The Smart modem (WAN port) is connected on port 2 to the Gateway Max, and not connected to anything else.  WIFI is disabled.

For Failover, is the best option to unplug the Cisco from the Gateway Max and plug into port 1 on the Smart Modem?

Obviously a manual process.


Subnets are totally different so no IP confilcts.


Am I going to be stuffed with double NAT and lose the ability to have multiple client side VPN's in failover mode?


Is there anyway to achieve 4G failover with Telstra's modem or do I invest in a separate 4G (soon to be 5G connection in my area) connection direct to my BYO router?

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Re: Smart modem Gen 2 with Cisco router

On 4G fallover you will have tripple NAT due to carrier grade NAT on 4G connections. As far as I know all mobile broadband services use carrier grade NAT except on some business connections. When investigating another provider for 4G backup make sure they provide a public IP address. 

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