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Technicolor DJA0231 - media server ignores my folders

Hi all - I've done as much research as I can but its driving me nuts...

I successfully created a shared media drive attached to the modem and I can play the video files - that was surprisingly easy.....but I cant for the life of me work out why it ignores my folder structure. To be specific I'll give an example


On the attached drive I have: Breaking Bad\Season 6\episode 1 (just using this as 1 example)

On the smart TV the default 'Movies' folder is there, but inside that I only see the file 'episode 1'. No problems playing the file (which is great) but like most people I have hundreds/thousands of media files and not having it structured won't work for me.

Any tricks I should try?




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Re: Technicolor DJA0231 - media server ignores my folders

TThis is a problem with all of the Technicolor modems. The media server function does not support folders and there is no work around. 


The only solution I have found is to use an app such as VLC or Kodi that supports accessing the media files using either SMB (File server) or UPNP (Media Server) and selecting SMB. Using SMB the folder structure is preserved. Unfortunately some devices such as the Telstra TV and other media player devices and TVs only support media server access so you are stuck with searching thousands of files to find the one you wish to play.

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Re: Technicolor DJA0231 - media server ignores my folders

Thank you cf4. Good to know I'm not going crazy. Just to clarify your suggestion, do you mean downloading VLC or Kodi on the smart TV and use that as the playback app?


I don't expect you to give a detailed tutorial just a point in the right direction so I don't go down another rabbit hole :-)



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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Technicolor DJA0231 - media server ignores my folders

If your Smart TV is an android TV you should be able to download VLC or Kodi from the play store. VLC is the easier app to use. Install the app, click or tap on the menu top left, select local network and then select smb Telstra Gateway.


If your TV is not an Android TV but it supports Chromecast or you have a Chromecast device, VLC can be installed on an IOS or android device and the VLC app can be used to cast the video to the TV.



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