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Technicolor TG797n v3 - connecting network printer

I have just connected my TG797 modem and have it working fine and can use it to access the net and to also share files between my various PCs and laptops. i can also see the media content of a USB stick plugged into the modem.

I have connected a USB printer into the same and other USB port but cannot print using this printer connected to the modem USB ports. The printer works connected directly to the PC's and the drivers are correct.

I have followed the directions on setting up the printer on the network (add TCP/IP port connect and add drivers.

But the printer shows up on My PC and cannot be seen on the network nor can I print to it.

The directions seem straight forward . I can ping but still can't see the printer.

Any suggestions or is the printer via USB a myth. Also my portable 320g HDD with media contact is also not seen on the same usb ports but my 16g stick works fine on these two ports.


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