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Technicolour TG800vac content sharing

I am trying to share music from an external drive plugged into the USB port on my TG800 Gateway. The TG880 sees the drive or any other drive in both ports. I cannot access the drive from my computer running the latest version of windows 10 or from my Sonos music player. This used to work but I can no longer find that external drive or any external drive plugged into the TG800. Everything is setup as per instructions.

Drives all work fine in my computers.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Technicolour TG800vac content sharing

Section 23 of this document shows how to set up File sharing and DLNA on the Telstra Frontier Gateway which has a similar GUI to the TG800.The document also shows how to set up PC to view files in File explorer.


If trying to access using DLNA check that the Gateway has been added to connected devices Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth and other devices > Other Devices.

Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: Technicolour TG800vac content sharing

I found an answer in an old post after I posted this. Microsoft switched off SMB 1.0 support and that blocked access to network drive. TG800 implements SMB version 1.0 only causing no connectivity.

I fixed it by doing the following- Was a little scary!
Clicking on Start
Typing Turn Windows Features On or Off
Click on “Turn Windows Features On or Off”
Scrolled down,
Placed a tick next to “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support”
Then restarted the PC.
It took a while to restart properly and I thought I may have damaged something but finally all is good and I can access the external drive on my TG800.

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