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Telstra Business NBN (FTTN) BYO Modem configuration

We have a brand new D-Link DSL-2885A NBN compliant modem and an NBN FTTN service that was activated this morning.
I'm trying to configure the modem for connection, but the only WAN type options are Dynamic IP (DHCP), PPPoE, Static IP or Residential Gateway (which I think is just setting it to use the WAN ethernet port).  There is no option for IPoE.  
The Telstra NBN services (both home and business) are all IPoE, but the Business services are allocated a static IP address.

If I choose Dynamic IP as the WAN connection type, save and reboot the modem, I don't get any line sync, handshake or anything.

If I change the WAN connection type to Static IP (, input the IP that we've been allocated, take a guess that the Subnet Mask is, and that the Gateway (WAN side) is, the Primary DNS is and the Secondary DNS is, save and reboot.  The modem comes back with line sync of 46Mbps down and 17Mbps up.  The internet status of the modem says connected.  
But computers on the network are unable to browse the internet.  

I assume this is because I don't have the correct external Subnet Mask and Gateway set.

I've contacted Telstra Business Support, and NBN Support and neither is able to provide me with the details I require.  They both also say they have no way of escalating to find out.  Surely someone at Telstra in the provisioning dept. would be able to find out though.

If I log into my home NBN service (which is using IPoE on a Telstra modem), I can see the external gateway is which is on a simlar range to my current IP of (I guess the SnM would be something like

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could find out the settings I need for this Static IP config or if there is another way I can get the D-Link modem to work with the FTTN service?

I need IDDQD and IDKFA in real life.

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Re: Telstra Business NBN (FTTN) BYO Modem configuration

If you are not getting line sync it is not the WAN connection that is incorrect, but the DSL settings. Leave WAN set to Dynamic IP.


Have you selected WAN Access type as VDSL. See page 40 of manual.

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Re: Telstra Business NBN (FTTN) BYO Modem configuration

Hey mate
Yeah I had been through a few D-Link guides (for this and other similar models) for NBN configs. I had already tried various DSL settings and had tried WAN as Dynamic IP numerous times. Given that I had it mostly working with Static IP setup, I figured I was close.
Out of curiosity, I set it back to Dynamic IP and left it... Everything started working at about 5.10pm. So it must have just been my impatience with the NBN provisioning completion.

I've taken a screenshot the DHCP provided addresses and I actually had guessed the WAN Gateway IP correctly in my static config - but obviously hadn't waited long enough.

For anyone looking into D-Link modems for NBN services - take this thread as confirmation that Telstra FTTN services work perfectly fine on the DSL-2885A.
I need IDDQD and IDKFA in real life.

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