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Telstra Gateway Pro aka Netgear V7610 known errors and limitations

I have just finished a 45 plus minute chat with Telstra regarding the Telstra Gateway Pro modem I am attempting to commission.


I was attempting to reserve addresses on the subnet with address mask (i.e. stock standard address reservation stuff which all commercially available modems can do). Kept getting error message " address must be on same subnet as LAN subnet", which it was!!


Have now been informed this is a known error.


From previous problem I also know that the ability to respond to ping from internet does no work despite option being part of setup page. Also a known error.


Just so I don't waste further time is there a list of known errors for this modem available which can be accessed.


I cannot understand how Telstra's quality control can be so poor that it lets modems into the wild with such basic faults. The only reason I am attempting to use the Gateway Pro is that my existing Billion 7800 wont allow use of an APN with a space in it (telstra internet) which the Telstra 4GX Plus USB dongle used for mobile Broadband failover in event of NBN Fixed Wireless connection loss requires. In my location this is occurring too often.


I have already discovered other significant limitations such as only max 5 VPN site-site circuits, max 20 port forwards. Again is there an accessible specification listing the modem capabilities (limitations) available?


Given this service is my own (consumer) I realise that Telstra is not going to be over helpful but I also manage a much larger 12 site ROIP TBB data system and on current performance Telstra is not looking good for future business!

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