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Telstra NBN Customer Using a Non Telstra Modem

Hi have recently been connected with NBN  (FTTN)  using Telstra's Smart Modem Gen2.  Modem has a WiFi issue where every couple of days it will disconnect either our Telstra Voice Extender which is a WiFi device that allows us to connect our landline phone to modem using WiFi  and/or our Telstra Roku Media player also using WiFi.  All other WiFi devices do not display this problem.


Telstra has sent us a replacement modem which will hopefully solve the problem.

However I have heard this is a known issue with this modem, so a replacement may not solve the issue.  Issue is discussed elsewhere within this forum and have tried suggestions such as switching off Band Steering and setting Channel Width to Auto, disabling IPV6 (which then causes problems with accessing the modems Gateway Page).  Some have said that this is a Firmware/Software issue with modem and have noticed the replacement modem has a higher Revision number 009 as opposed to the first modem's Revision number 007.  So hope this latest one solves the problem.


If not,  then I want to purchase a:  ASUS DSL-AC68U 802.11ac Dual-Band AiMesh Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit ADSL/VDSL Modem Router    ....  which is regarded as a superb modem.  However I have heard using a non Telstra modem may have problems such as our landline phone not working properly when connected to this Asus modem.

Also Telstra's configuration settings may not agree with the Asus modem.  The problem would be with Telstra not with the Asus modem.


Can anyone give me advice regards using the Asus modem with my Telstra NBN service

and can it be done without some of the issues mentioned above paragraph??

The Asus modem is known to be very easy to set up with it's own IP address number and software that can be installed on PC for configuration etc.












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Re: Telstra NBN Customer Using a Non Telstra Modem

@Thunderbolt I'll post you a link about using a different modem by @Yastiandrie that should still be current.


[QUOTE} You will have to use the telstra gateway for your voice service. You can try and setup the gateway as solely a phone access point, though there are no gurantee's that it will work. [/QUOTE]

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Re: Telstra NBN Customer Using a Non Telstra Modem

I have been told that the next update will include DECT fixes for the Voice Adapter and T-Voice 503 which should be released soon

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