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Telstra Pro Gateway V7610 eventually blocks all remote site traffic as intrusion

Hi, I have a problem with a couple of clients using the Telstra Pro Gateway V7610 on their NBN service.  I have searched through the crowd support questions & it appears a lot of people have this problem but I can't see anyone with a solution.

We have port forwards set up (for things such as security NVR, RDP, etc for example).

It works fine for some time & then you can no longer access it remotely.

None of the settings have changed.

I found the solution was to reboot the modem.  In all cases remote access then works perfectly for some time before it happens again.

It looks like the intrusion detection build into the modem eventually stops the port forwarding from working thinking it is a security risk.

If so, is there some way to whitelist the port forwards (which you would think would be automatic!)?

Or perhaps just disable the modem intrusion detection all together?

Previous modems work fine & I have many other customers on NBN with other providers using the provider supplied modems without this issue.

Netgear wont help because they say Telstra has to support this modem.

I appreciate any suggestions or work arounds.


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Re: Telstra Pro Gateway V7610 eventually blocks all remote site traffic as intrusion


Hopefully an easy fix for you.

Disable IPv6 (in Advanced Setup.) 

I put a longer answer to another poster having similar problem,

This fixed the problem for me.

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