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Telstra Smart modem 2 operating tempuratures

Hi guys,


what is the operating temperatures for the smart modem gen 2,

mine keeps overheating, even with the aircon on? Does anyone have a solution to this?


the modem itself is standing upright on top of the desk, well away from things that generate heat.


thank you

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Telstra Smart modem 2 operating tempuratures

You might have a faulty modem. In the room were my modem is located kt sometimes gets to 35°C and modem has never overheated. Is the modem in direct sunlight?

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Level 14: Field Agent

Re: Telstra Smart modem 2 operating tempuratures

Hi - generally these devices have an operating temperature range of 0 - 40 degrees Celsius. My Arcardyan Gen 2 which only has vents on the top of the unit perimeter, is turned on 24/7 in a non airconditioned room, is slightly warm to touch but not uncomfortably hot and measures at 37.5 degrees with a thermometer; same with the Arris NBN Modem. The Technicolor Gen 2 version has more vents on the top and bottom of the sides of the unit and may exhibit less temperature.


Is your modem experiencing any communication problems like drop outs or non connectivity? If you happen to have an identical power adapter from a spare modem rated at the exact same Voltage and Amps, you could see if that may assist. Do not use one that has less Amps rating.  

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Re: Telstra Smart modem 2 operating tempuratures

Hello Mkrtich,

thank you for response.

there is sometime random drop outs of connectivity from the modem not so much the NBN itself.  Unfortunately, this is my first modem and therefore do not have any spare power supply cable for that machine.


On a different not I'm going to get a Notebook cooler (15 cm fan) to encourage air-flow and hopefully this reduces the operating temperature.

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Re: Telstra Smart modem 2 operating tempuratures

no the modem is not in direct sunlight. the average internal temperature of the room is about 28 to >30 degrees Celsius tho (reading from Galileo thermometer in the room). Even when the outside temperature is 35 it still manages to over-heat.

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