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Telstra gateway constantly restart

Hi guys,


I need your support.


I got problems from Gateway constantly restarts every 2 minutes. It just happened this afternoon. Eco, internet, wan and wireless are flashing, then they suddenly go off, then off again. Its just keep automatically restaring over again and again. This is the first time it happens like this.

i tried to reset, remove all filter as connected directly to wall socket. Change to new socket, but it wont work.

i called telstra, but they could not help. They said they would call back.

my mordem is TG797n v3



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Re: Telstra gateway constantly restart

Happy new year
Have you rebooted it?
Try disconnecting the cables with it switched off, wait 5 minutes and reconnect and reboot.
You can also use the link to the Telstra troubleshooting tool.
You may wish to consider if there is a software/firmware update as well.
Best wishes
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Re: Telstra gateway constantly restart

Thanks for your reply.
I did every thing I could. It was working well this morning and suddenly happned around 1:00pm Melbourne time.
I called Telstra and asked him if there is firmware update, he said No. it could be problems with my line. But I dont think so.
It tried to plug to different socket in my house. The gateway not restart anymore. But eco light and internet light is RED.

Its not a great way to welcome 2018 Smiley Sad
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Re: Telstra gateway constantly restart

I always have a backup modem to test with. So you can check if it is line related or modem related.

It could be a faulty power supply?
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Re: Telstra gateway constantly restart

Hi Ozmos,

Thanks for your reply.

We have 3 line sockets in the house. The current one Im using make the Gateway keeps restarting over and over again. I tried another 2 sockets, the mordem are not restarting but eco and internet light are BOTH RED.

I tried to test on another powerboard, its still the same. Phone line is still working properly.
Really frustrated atm

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