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Turn Off Telstra Air and FON wifi broadcast from NextGen II modem

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Got our new Telstra NextGen II modem when we upgraded to NBN50.  Telstra Air and FON wifi were broadcasting by default.  We turn off wifi when not using, but when using I would like to not have Air and FON broadcasts.  I deactivated Telstra Air in MyAccount more than a week ago, but Air and FON still broadcasting. As I do not use Telstra Air, I prefer not to participate in this network as you never know who is doing what with their online activities and I do not want it happening via the modem in my living room.


How do I get Telstra to turn this off?


Also, am I able to get the admin username and password to the modem to check settings and activity logs?




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Re: Turn Off Telstra Air and FON wifi broadcast from NextGen II modem

User name is admin and password is either Telstra or telstra. There is label on bottom of modem with this information on it.

A factory reset of modem might turn the Telstra Air and FON WiFi networks off. To reset modem press reset button for at least 10 seconds while modem is powered on. Modem will automatically reboot. The rest button is located next to LAN port two. You will need to use a bent paperclip or similar device to press reset button.

If modem still broadcasting Telstra Air and FON SSIDS contact support.

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