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USB drive on Gateway Max C6300BD is read-only

Hello. I am trying to connect an external hard drive to my cable modem ( Netgear Gateway Max C6300BD) so I can use it as a backup device. The whole house runs macs. I have connected the drive and mounted it, however, it is always read-only, no matter what I do. I've tried both mac (Mac OS Extended Journaled) and Windows (ExFAT) formats to no avail. I am not able to change drive permissions in MacOS anywhere.


I've googled the router type and apparently on the original version (non-Telstra firmware) there is a menu option to change the permissions. However this menu option is not present in the over simplified Testra firmware - all i have is File-Sharing 'ON' or 'OFF'.


I found another post where someone had the same issue and apparently they just turned file sharing off, rebooted the router, and it worked, but that didn't work for me.


This is driving me crazy! Does anyone have this issue? Does this function actually work or is it just me?



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