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Using technicolor TG797n V3 or TG587n V3 as a range extender

I have both a Telstra Technicolour TG587n V3 (which is my current modem) and a TG797n V3 (I just received it from a family member who isn't using it anymore) and I would like to use one as my main modem and use the other as a network switch and WiFi range extender/hotspot.


I plan on sending the signal from one modem to the other using a powerline adapter.


What I would like to know is what settings do I have to set on either modem to turn it into a switch/WiFi hotspot?


Thanks in  advance.

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Re: Using technicolor TG797n V3 or TG587n V3 as a range extender

If you want to configure it as an access point, plug the ethernet cable coming from the powerline adapter into one of the LAN ports (not WAN) on the second access point. This way, you can still access your local network from the second access point. You should turn off NAT, SPI firewall, DHCP server, etc. from your second access point as this is most likely done by your existing gateway. As for Wi-Fi settings, keep the SSID, encryption type and password  the same (if you want) but make sure the channels are as far apart as possible. Assuming you are using the 2.4GHz spectrum, use one of the non-overlapping channels (1,6,11). Your device/s should automatically find the best and roam between these two access points (assuming they have the same SSID, encryption type and password).

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