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VIPER D-Link 1900



We are moving to NBN and I was looking at a new Modem which will hopefully have a better range than the standard Telstra modem. I was told the D-Link AC1900 is good so I was just checking whether anyone on here uses this model and has any feedback ?


So my questions are :


1. Is it compatable with NBN - ours will be FTTN  - still using copper to the house.


2. Are they easy to configure ?


Any other feedback would be appeciated. Thx

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: VIPER D-Link 1900

The D-Link 1900 is not compatible with FTTN as it only has a ADSL2 modem.  If you don't require a phone service It could be used just as a router with WAN port connected to one of the LAN ports of the Telstra gateway set up in Bridge mode.


You would be better of getting the Nighthawk AC1900 D7000 which is FTTN compatible and you might still be able to use the phone.

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