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WIFI Signal on Netgear CG3100D2

I received my replacement modem Netgear CG3100D2 last week,

I found that, the WIFI signal is keep on drop and it is weak


i have been used Netgear CG3100 (previous modem) for about 7 month, and i don't experience this issue at all.


Currently modem is place in Living room, and the signal in kitchen is so weak (1 bar), and the kitchen/living room is only isolate with 1 wall.

it is so annoying, sometime i have to turn off the iphone WIFI and use 3G for online.


i'm wonder this is a knows issues? or any suggestion/solution that can be solve this issues.


Thanks !!!

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: WIFI Signal on Netgear CG3100D2

Hey Bbking,


First of all, I would suggest changing the Wi-Fi channel if you haven't already.


You can do this by:

- Accessing your modem page on (default username: admin, default password: password)

- Select Wireless Settings on the righthand side

- Underneath the Wireless Network heading, find the Control Channel

- Change Control Channel from Auto to Manual

- Change the channel from the default 1 to 6 or 11 (you can also try other numbers if these make no improvement)

- Click Apply, the modem will reboot. 


Before the modem replacement did you have any issues with your Wi-Fi? If not, it may indicate a modem issue.


Let me know Smiley Happy

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