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Waste of time and money.

I have just spent one hour in the most frustrating conversation with Telstra support.

Firstly our internet is down and has been for 5 days.

The backup 4g service in the modem has failed.

During my call about the failed 4g service on Sunday the representative told me to go to a Telstra Shop to get a replacement SIM, and if it still does not work they would send out a replacement modem. I drove to Telstra shop today to be told by the shop that they do not have replacement SIMS and do not replace them in the modems.

So that was 1 and a half hours wasted.

Then I ring back Telstra and the rep wants to go through all the details again, despite my telling him to check the notes as this was all done on Sunday. Then what ensued was 1hr of needless rechecking and my being told to wait on the line .


The representative I spoke to was the most unprofessional of any I have had to talk with and during the course of the conversation , kept requesting the same information over and over again; including my mobile number 4 times over a half hour period.

I just had to have my rant as this has been an exercise in frustration for  2 hours of life just to get sent a replacement modem..


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Waste of time and money.

For your main internet connection, try going to and run through the troubleshooting there before calling support (it saves a lot of time as it is quicker to do it by yourself). I assume a fault has definitely been lodged with regards to that problem already.

For the 4G, it may not have actually failed. Once you hit the 7-10GB data limit, your 4G backup is reduced to 256kbps (which most people these days would believe is a failure). You need to ask the consultant to submit the webform to get it unshaped.
Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Waste of time and money.

Thanks for your reply Jupiter. No the modem has definitely failed. There are no lights on top of the modem and the web page for the modem says " SIM NOT INSERTED". Which it is.
It was mostly annoying that the tech checked everything on Sunday, said the SIM was probably faulty and that I had to go to a Telstra shop to get them to replace the SIM before he would send out a replacement modem. I did this and the shop said they don't do the sims. My nearest telstra shop is over 1/2 hour away. Then I had to go through the whole scenario again with a new rep.
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Re: Waste of time and money.

My ADLS has been off since Saturday I have phoned & live chatted on various occasions over the 4 day break to be told it will be sorted out 6hours later then 2 days later now they dont event know it was still off this morning when I left for work .............I am having 2nd thought of going with Telstra now for my NBN its just as well that my 4G mobile was working ok with Vodafone - so fed up with Telstra also the online form for refund is saying I do not qualify as not been off for 24 hours - its laughable.
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Re: Waste of time and money.

I hear you Wends. NBN will be implemented for us at the end of May, I am also not considering Telstra for NBN and even our mobile phones.
The main problem Í see is that you cannot talk to a real person,you talk to the trained to follow scripts robot people overseas.

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