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Weak wifi coverage

Was issued with a Telstra modem that has been absolutely useless as far as NBN and Wifi strength goes.

Changed over to Netgear nighthawk D7000v2 VDSL/ADSL modem router.

Have noticed a greater improvement.

Question: I'm aware that phone line is no longer available using this modem but can anyone put it in laymans terms how I overcome this(,not that computer savvy)

As our plan includes home phone use etc but obviously now not getting the benefit of it and from what I can see there is no other option.

Have been reading comments about bridging etc

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Re: Weak wifi coverage

If you want a phone you could use the Telstra modem as a VOIP ATA only with its WAN port connected to a LAN port on the D7000.


The first thing you will need to do is change the LAN IP address range and LAN IP Adress of the Telstra modem so that they are not the same as the D7000.  Open a WEB browser on a device connected to the Telstra modem and go to, password is Telstra. Go to Advanced > Local Network. Suggest you change LAN IP address to and IP address range to - 254. See section 27 of document linked in this post for detailed instructions on the Technicolor modem. The Arcadyan modem is similar.


Connect WAN port of Telstra Modem to LAN port of D7000.


Log into D7000 and disable SIP ALG. See page 219 of D7000 manual. This will ensure incoming calls work correctly.


To prevent WiFi interference should also turn off WiFi in Telstra modem.



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