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Why can't I buy an Ultimate Gateway outright though Telstra?

I am starting to wonder if anyone at Telstra communicates with each other. 3 weeks ago I rang Telstra to purchase an Ultimate Gateway. They told me that they no longer did outright purchases by phone but if I went to a Telstra Shop I could get one from there. So, a 2 hour drive to my nearest Telstra Shop only to be told Telstra Shops don't stock them and haven't for quite some time, so I'll have to ring Telstra directly to purchase over the phone. Another hour on the phone today with a rep (who was lovely) only to get to the end of the process and the computer tells her that they aren't in stock, but apparently they are in stock if I want to recontract my plan or start a new plan. The Telstra rep tells me my best bet is to go to **bleep** Smiths or somewhere similar to purchase - which would require another 2 hour trip to the city. Why does no-one at Telstra seem to know answers to very basic questions?? Or is there something I'm missing - like is the device being replaced with a new one in the near future? Just that no-one know about it? Very poor service, and if I had a choice of provider I would change in a heartbeat. Unfortunately in rural WA there is no choice.

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Re: Why can't I buy an Ultimate Gateway outright though Telstra?

Hi NatKiller,

Welcome to Crowd Support!

When you say Ultimate Gateway are you referring to the Cable modem? What's the model number / brand name of the modem you're looking for.

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Re: Why can't I buy an Ultimate Gateway outright though Telstra?

Hi Lathania, I mean the Next G Ultimate Gateway - 3G42WT by Netcomm.
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Re: Why can't I buy an Ultimate Gateway outright though Telstra?

You can purchase from NetComm directly a 3G22WV router with voice for $318 RRP ex get.
This unit should do all that the 3G42WT can do and more with your existing data only sim card.
You will need a Telstra outside Yagi antenna if your signal is borderline 3 bars. A tech "only" from Telstra and ECE can install the Yagi as he will be fully trained with Telstra/ECE ID. If you are with Telstra Business not Bigpond, you may be able to order the 3G modem from Telstra business by talking to an Aussi. To order the antenna from Telstra call 1800305307 opt 3. Option 4 on this number, you can order a Telstra Mobile Smart antenna, TMSA for short, that when connected to a Yagi the TMSA will boost the 3G signal to 5 bars when working properly. You won't have to get a patch lead to connect the modem and have good mobile reception to boot.
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Re: Why can't I buy an Ultimate Gateway outright though Telstra?

HI There,


The 3G22WV only has a 21Mbps downlink, where as the 3G42WT has a 42Mbps dual-hsdpa link. NatKiller, how many users do you want to support?


I would recommend the Sierra Wireless 4G mobile broadband Wifi device ($299), if you purchase the wireless gateway cradle (additional $199), you can support up to 16 devices.


Even if you don't currently have 4G enabled in your area, this way you are future-proofed for when it does become available.


The cradle: 



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