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Xbox 360 doesn't connect to internet



Recently having issues with connecting to the internet and xbox live via my xbox 360. I run a powerline adapater from my xbox 360 Original to another adapter near the router. Internet/XBL has previously worked with this setup so it isn't a hardware issue.


My laptop, phone, foxtel and tablet all connect to internet fine.


I reset the router (Bigpond Technicolor tg587n v3)and replaced the network cable between xbox and powerline adapter.


Test connection screens fails between network and internet, connects to network but not internet and therefore not XBL. Reason was DNS error. Followed troubleshooting and attempted manual DNS (primary/secondary) settings with the ones listed on the router configuration page under IPv4. Came up incorrect.


Plug n play is enabled.


Really don't know what to do.


Assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you



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Re: Xbox 360 doesn't connect to internet

Have you turned everything off and back on again? I know it's often the first thing people try, but can often fix things.

Turn everything off, then turn the modem on first. After that, turn on your other devices one-by-one, starting with the XBox.

Also, make sure that the XBox is set to automatic settings, and that no manual network settings are specified in settings on the box itself.
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Re: Xbox 360 doesn't connect to internet

Thanks for your reply.


I turned the router on and off, same for the power line adapters. Xbox has been turned off and on a couple times.


Xbox is set to automatic settings. DNS is also set to automatic and showing primary DNS not secondary.


I've reset network settings on the xbox to default a couple times.



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