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Xbox One - Nat Type: Unavailable + 100 % Packet Loss

Hi all,

I am open to any advice, or any thoughts on a problem I have not been able to solve for the last month. Upfront, thanks for any thoughts you provide.


Modem : Sagemcon F@st 5355

Unit: Xbox One S


Will use points, more succinct.

1) When I test network connection, it returns I am connected to the internet.

2) When I test Multiplayer connection, it returns unable to establish a Teredo Address.

3) NAT Type does not returns that it is Unavailable.

4) When I run Detailed Network Statistics, 100% packet loss is returned.

5) I can run Edge and open a webpage. I can also update the unit + games on it.

6) I have purposefully reserved an IP to associate with my xbox. This ip is reflected on the Xbox One console.

7) I have opened the following ports associated with this ip, and also listed on this website, 53 (TCP/UDP), 80(TCP), 88(UDP), 500(UDP), 3074(TCP/UDP), 3544(UDP), and 4500(UDP)


None of this has led to any success.


I have attempted to set the IP and DNS settings manually. Manually by using the ipconfig command on my desktop, then transferring the information across. Unfortunately this had no luck either.


Oh, and as an afterthought, after making the relevant changes I have power cycled both my xbox and modem to ensure new changes take affect.


Nonetheless, none of this has led to success. 

Is anyone able to maybe suggest a path of success? or even a link they know does work? 


Thanks again for any thoughts.


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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Xbox One - Nat Type: Unavailable + 100 % Packet Loss

Hi @Ima_Newbie, thanks for reaching out. I recommend speaking with tech support on 133933 or via live chat and they will be able to look into this for you. Let me know how you go. 

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