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Since changing to our new smart modem and the nbn our internet connection is worse than before, the modem seems to have a really bad signal, is there a way of getting a better connection from it - other than moving it? I don't have another phone line to connect into in another part of the house and our house is not big by any means.

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Re: nbn

The poor WiFi reception could be due to the 2.4GHz WiFi band not working. By default band steering is enabled in the modem which results in both WiFi bands having the same SSID so you are unable to tell if both bands are working. If you disable band steering you should see two SSIDs from the modem on dual WiFi band devices. The normal SSID (2.4 GHz) and the normal SSID with -5G added to the end.


To disable band steering open a web browser on a device connected to the modem and go to (password is Telstra). Go to the WiFi settings, remove tick next to band steering in the 2.4 GHz WiFi settings and save settings.


If you don't see to WiFi SSIDs from the modem on dual band devices then modem is faulty.

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Re: nbn

Thanks, will give it a go 

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