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what goes where NBN set up

Can anyone help ?? I recently had my home renovated/painted and the tradesman disconnected the NBN and now it isn't working as it should? I contacted Telstra yesterday, but l could not understand the guy l was speaking with!! I currently have the modem  with a yellow, white , blue, navy blue and red lead coming from it, the navy blue is connected to the wall plate above the nbn box, the white lead is connected to the desktop pc, the red lead (yellow at other end)  is connected to the nbn box and then l have another yellow lead not connected to anything?

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Re: what goes where NBN set up

It sounds like it is connected correctly but would not be certain without seeing a picture.


The Red WAN port on the Telstra modem should be connected to the Ethernet portUNI-D1 port on the back of NBN box.

The Yellow LAN port on the modem is connected to PC.

The coaxial port on the NBN box is connected to the Wall plate.

There are instructions at link below of how to connect.


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