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Are there any Case Managers working this week?



Moving house and have been given an agreed date, 30/08/16, and time for the changeover.

So, nothing happened and we started receiving texts to call with a pin & ref #.

Ok, now in our third day over and several messages left with the 'Case Manager' but no reply.

Messagebank says they are busy.


What's the chances someone on here has a magic button or secret phone number that can get one of these elusive Case Managers to get in touch.

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Re: Are there any Case Managers working this week?

Off the top of my head if you hit 0 instead of a pin you'll get any case manager who is available instead of your specific one

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Re: Are there any Case Managers working this week?

Thanks for taking the time to respond Yastiandrie.


I tried the old 0 trick and was waiting for over 15min without answer.

This is all such an inconvenience now.

While my life does not revolve around the internet and phone I do like the luxury of doing what I want when I want in my own home instead of sitting here at my sons house putting up with the leftover odours of last nights drinking session trying to resolve my issue with Telstra.


In the last message I left for 'MY' Case Manager I gave a timeframe of 5.30pm WAST to get back to me or I will look at proceeding with the TIO.

I hear the TIO has staff purely dedicated to looking after Telstra concerns.

I'll knock up a cup of tea and settle in for a nice pleasant conv with them soon.


Anyway I must move on as the party animals will be here soon and I will go back to that house with no connection.

I suppose talking to wife wont be too much of a chore.

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