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Beyond angry

I put in an online order for an internet move on 29JAN20 for a move date of 05FEB20. The email confirmed they would be in contact with me to arrange a time etc. Well they didn't get in contact with me, they got in contact with my ex wife from whom I separated in 2011 and divorced in 2015. TTelstra provided new address details, phone number and email address to NBN Co which then provided my details to her, stuff which is private and I have spent up to nine years protecting and keeping private. Now she knows a lot more about me and what's going on and I am beyond angry. They sent her a text detailing the move on 03FEB20 then rang her the next day because I could not reply to the text they sent her. Then they rang her on the day, 05FEB20 because I wasn't at the property because NBN tech was three hours early. The NBN tech confirmed that he got the contact details from Telstra. I have tried ringing telstra three times and I keep getting stonwalled and I am sick to death of it. This is s very serious breach of the privacy act and I better see some results or I am going to the ombudsman.

Really really peeved off

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Re: Beyond angry

They will not help you

They like talking and talking

But they dont know what are they talking about

When u talk with the team they will let u listen the music if you get andry

Telstra team is all idiot

They are not finish high school

How they do help you

They talk like Robot, has no brain

You should do cancel immediately

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