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Email from Telstra Porting Team

Yesterday I contacted Telstra twice, once by phone and another through live chat. I'm wanting my current home landline transferred TPG. However when TPG tried to Port my Service was disconnected or Pending Disconnection.


I contacted Telstra and found that this was not the case and asked for an email confirmation of this from Telstra's Porting Team as TPG needed it for fulfill the service I want.


The operator on the Live-Chat Jezreel told me I'd have the email from the Telstra Porting Team within 24 hours. This has not happened.

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Re: Email from Telstra Porting Team



Porting out procedure can be confusing at times.


You can call 132200 and check if there is a disconnection order in the system.


If there is, ask them to cancel it and proceed to call TPG to do the port-in process to them.



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