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New Service Being Disconnected.

Morning order (1-1559552128644) was provisioned 2 weeks before the requested date. You cancelled the current home owners connection to complete my order. I called to clarify and request the services be restored, I was advised that can’t be done. I a confirmed that my service is now active and can be used for the next few weeks. I was told yes, service is available now, no charges to your bill for the error. I call again to clarify why the mosdem is in backup mode only to be told it is being cancelled as requested and I need to provision a new service. I can’t even begin to understand the series of errors related to a simple provisioning not why am have to call to complete a new order. Telstra, as an account holder for more than 10yrs, if you didn’t have the monopoly on services you simply wouldn’t be in business.

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