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New line query- is it as bad as they say?

I am in the final month of having a new house built for me in Geelong. I put in for a move with Telstra two weeks ago today, naturally a new line is required. Getting any information from Telstra however via various phone lines has proven impossible, perhaps not unsurprisingly but still disappointing. I have read on this forum and elsewhere it can take up to six months for relatively minor civil works to be carried out to enable the Telstra technician to be able to feed the cable from the pit to premises.


I want to ascertain am I looking at weeks or many months to have this task done? In summary:


- I am in a PSTN area, while a relatively new estate it was pre-NBN days.

- A conduit with pull through has been laid, from near my garage (switchboard location) to the property boundary.

- All internal wiring is done, with CAT6 cable ready for the NTD to be installed on the outside of the garage.

- I don't know for sure whether or not there is any soft of conduit from the Telstra pit to the property boundary, certainly there was for other utilities (water, gas, power)- the builder reckons there will be but not sure.


I asked the person on the Telstra Contractor line (1800 895 319) but each time I asked a question, e.g. "how long does it typically take- weeks or months?" "can you tell if there is already conduits in place so it is just cables to be pulled through?" he would pause for five seconds before saying in a friendly voice "Is there anything else I can do for you today?". What he did say is I will be contacted by 13 June 2016 so I am going to wait until Tuesday 14 June before calling again.

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Re: New line query- is it as bad as they say?

An update.


Called Telstra again today, they said that yeah you should have heard from a contractor by now, so they're trying to escalate it via the contractor manager person (will see what happens there).


I did my own dial before you dig and to my delight discovered there is indeed not one but TWO twisted pairs from the pit to the property so this should be a pretty simple process. Should being the operative.

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Re: New line query- is it as bad as they say?

Well, last Friday Telstra gave itself another 2 working days to get something done, which is just about to expire- still not a thing useful from Telstra.


It'll be four weeks this Friday.

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