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Ongoing New Customer Woes



I apologise in advance for this long winded post but I felt in order to try to get some advice and help it would be helpful to have the background to my rant.


I recently moved into a new home and have had nothing but problems trying to get a bundle package connected and established. I first applied for the Hottest entertainment bundle (you know, the $99 one with 1tb internet and foxtel included) on the 27th of March and I received a online order confirmation which was all well and good. 2 days later my ex-flatmate received an email to say that Telstra was confirming her move to the property I had moved into. She rang Telstra to be told that my order had been put on to her account, because get this, I was nominated as an authorised contact (she has had alot of trouble with her broadband dropping out over the last 2 years and she didnt really understand it). So, for the order to be taken off her account it had to be cancelled alltogether. Ok....fair enough, I will ring and try to get the order reinstated only to be told that the offer had expired the day before. In order for me to get my internet and foxtel bundled it would now cost me $120 per month for 2tb of data, and even though it was telstra's f***up there was nothing that could be done. Furious at the fact this was through no fault of my own I told them to stuff it. However after checking other providers and going against my better judgement, I put in an order for the $120 bundle as there was nothing anywhere close that would meet my needs.


Fast forward to Monday just gone. I check my order status (order # 1-1105949853151) for anyone that might want to check it and it tells me that a modem has been dispatched and to track it via star track which I duly did. It tells me it is has been left at my house with an "authority to leave". Not sure who's authority it was, it certainly wasnt me as I am at work most days and I dont like the idea of parcels being left outside my house. I duck home at lunchtime and sure enough no modem and no card. I ring star track and they tell me yes the parcel was left at the house but i have to contact telstra to have a trace launched as to where my modem might be. Telstra (after being on hold for an hour) tell me that Star Track cant help them either, the modem must have vanished into thin air. The girl i spoke to asked me if i thought it would be fair if she just sent out another modem? Fair? I thought that would have been a given. Anyway after asking 3 times to make sure there were directions on the package that if i was not home that it was to be delivered to the local post office for collection, I was assured that yes it has that on the instructions I left it at that. Tuesday morning rolls around, check my order status, this time it is onboard with driver for delivery, so going off the time it was "delivered" the day before, I duck out of work only to arrive and see the courier driving off with said modem outside the front of the house again! To be fair to the driver, there were no instructions whatsoever on the parcel in regards to what to do if there was no one home, even though I had explicitly asked for, and was assured, that delivery instructions would indeed be included on the package. What strikes me as odd in all of this was when i placed the order and had to give my id details, it told me that i would need the same id in order to sign for any equipment being delivered to the house. What a load of s**t that is.


Then late Tuesday afternoon i get a phone call from the NBN to tell me that the technician is coming to the house Thursday morning between 8 and 12, that I have to be at home and she is confirming the appointment. I told her no unfortunately I have to work and that no person over 18 would be able to be there. Thats fine she said, just call your service provider to rebook another appointment. So, first thing Wednesday morning, on the phone to the NBN team to reschedule appointment, after being on hold for 40 minutes i get told that the appointment cannot be rescheduled owing to the system throwing up an error. Not to worry she said, I wont hold you up any longer (oh thats nice, work will appreciate that), I will get your case assigned to a nbn case manager (or something similar) and it will be escalated and you will recieve a call in no more than 3 hours time with a new appointment time. At this point it needs to be noted I can no longer track my order online, it comes up with the error message "Sorry, we can't retrieve your order details at this time. Please try again later."


2 days later (this morning) still no phone call and still not able to track my order. On the phone again at 7am. Apologetic consultant (apologies are really starting to wear thin), please bear with me he says. He gives me a new date and time of the 15th of April for NBN technician. I agree, he puts me on hold again, with that bloody awful music, only to come back after ten minutes to tell me he is sorry, it is coming up that the date we agreed on is invalid. FFS, ok, he puts me on hold again and after another ten minutes or so he comes back and tells me that the NBN technician wont be coming till the 18th of April and the Telstra technician has been changed to the 21st of April. He tells me that is confirmed, however if i want to check i can always track my order online. I remind him that i havent been able to do that for 2 days (I had explained that at the beginning), so his response was it will take a few hours for the new appointments to filter through. I had to spell out for him that i cannot access any order details whatsoever, and he says that I must be able to as he is able to access them. I ask him if he thinks I am lying and he says he doesnt know what to say as he has not come across this before. He suggested that if I want to check my order I should mosey on down to my nearest Telstra store, as they might be able to access the order there, and they might be able to tell me why I cant check my order myself from anywhere that i happen to be. I told him that solution was simply unacceptable and could he please lodge a request with technical support or another department to have the issue looked at. No, he said, Technical support wont be able to help you, and he doesnt know who to ask as "he hasnt come across this before". Just wait 3 to 4 hours and try again. Well it is nearly 12 hours later and surprise surprise i still get the same error message. I have tried to access it on a friends wifi and 4g and no joy.


I should also note that on checking my account it appears as if a bill has been issued yesterday (6/4) however the pdf is not yet available.


Now the questions:


1. Could someone please point me in the right direction as to where to go to get this issue with the order tracking sorted out? Because as much as he assured me this morning that it is confirmed, I do not believe one word that Telstra have to say to me. I should be able to track the progress of my order if the service is offered, and I should not be fobbed off and told i have to go to my local telstra shop in order to view it.


2. The bill that was issued yesterday. Is that likely to have installation costs and in advance costs billed to it even though I have had no installation done yet and wont have for at least another 11 days for NBN and 14 days for Telstra, and that I wont be likely to be able to access the internet before the 21st anyway? Foxtel installation isnt scheduled until the 24th either.


3. Have i grounds for complaining about the amount of chasing that I have had to do from day one, or is this just the standard way of treating their customers.



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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Ongoing New Customer Woes

Hi bear76


Sorry to read of the order issues. This page is a community page for customers and others to help. They can't access account and it's not for account specific post. It would be best to assign a case manager so we can look into this and have them give you a call. We can arrange this here for you:


This would be the best way to have this resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience or frustration this may have caused you.



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