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Relocate Cable Broadband Wall socket or Install new socket

I have Telstra Cable Broadbank at home.

Want to move the existing wall socket to a different location or install a new socket. Wht would be the best way of doing this ? Can Telstra arrange for this? 



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Re: Relocate Cable Broadband Wall socket or Install new socket

If you would like Telstra to arrange it for you, your best bet would be to call 133933 and speak to Cable Tech Support who should be able to arrange a tech to come out and do it for you. Just note there would normally be a charge of some description for them to do it.

You could also try contacting a licenced cabler in your area and see if they are able to do it for you, often electricians are a good place to start nowadays with the ever increasing cases of smart homes and the like they tend to be on top of it.

The only advantages I can see of going through Telstra's tech is that they can actually test everything to make sure it is good to go and working right.
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Re: Relocate Cable Broadband Wall socket or Install new socket

Thanks. Will call the Telstra Cable tech support and get a Quote from them.

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