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Rural: Map of Lines/Connections/infrastructure?

I'm buying a rural/semi-rural property just outside of Canberra. Trying to find the closest Telstra connection to see if I can get ASDL ie run a 10pr line (the 4G reception is patchy because it's partially in a gully, hence a landline would be better). The call centre can't help because the addresses in their system don't match up (the road isn't even listed in the right town - listed as 2 towns over and no there aren't any roads of this name in that town) and even then they just have a lot of the same "Lot X"s listed for the same road. DP number didn't help either. How do I get hold of a map of lines or connections or infrastructure or whatever to see the distance I'd need to run a line (and hence cost)? I've seen the Telstra Global instrasture map but its mostly just seabed cables etc. Any ideas? Other that buying an antenna for mobile broadband?

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Re: Rural: Map of Lines/Connections/infrastructure?

I'd pop the address into NBN's map here

If the NBN build is complete in your area, Telstra won't be able to connect you to ADSL. To my knowledge there are no public maps with the information you're after.
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Re: Rural: Map of Lines/Connections/infrastructure?

Thanks but I'd already checked that on the off chance they had gone a bit out of townships and urban areas. But alas I am rural just 40min out of Canberra and probably going to need a Broadband modem +aerial for internet access.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Rural: Map of Lines/Connections/infrastructure?

Hi HoneyBunyBadger,

I can appreciate the challenge if there is currently no infrastructure in place.

Have you checked to see if the area is going to be covered by NBN as wireless NBN may be available now or in the near future?

To pursue the option of phone lines, I suggest to check with a local Telstra shop, in rural areas they tend to be familiar with the infrastructure in the area. The other option is to get in touch with our sales team 1800 676 088 and request to process an unconfirmed address. This request will go to a team in back of house which checks the address against the infrastructure to establish if a connection is possible.

Let us know how you go.

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