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Why is my case manager avoiding me

I initially started with my story about why I now have a case manager and am waiting for reconnection, but I’ll run out of space without explaining my recent frustration that my case manager is avoiding me. It’s been two weeks now since I’ve paid my bill fully including the $400 in cancellation fees that I’ve been promised will be credited. I’ve also paid $100 on top since. 

My case manager (Nina or Miriam depending on the receptionist at the time) finally contacted me last Wednesday, and after explaining my circumstances agreed to reconnect all my services. She advised it would take some time and asked if she could call back later that day once it was complete. (It took about 1 hour while I waited on the phone 2 weeks prior to go through the same process so I agreed. 

4 hours later i called to check in before COB. My case manager was not available, but the operator queried if the reconnection was for my old address or my new address. Considering I hadn’t moved, I asked for the case manager to call me ASAP.  No return call, and I’ve contacted on a number of occasions and arranged scheduled call back arrangements. I’m either told she’s on holidays, she’s on a break or she’s on the phone and will call you as soon as she’s free. That was a week ago. 

Ive noticed it’s a regular pattern from other stories on crowd support. 

I just want to know why? I’m so disheartened? Is it a power trip?, are they dragging it out in the hope I say forget the whole thing? Are they dragging it out waiting for contact from the ombudsman to see if they even have an obligation? Are they reiterating just how insignificant I really am? Or is is really just the worst customer service in the history of business?


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Re: Why is my case manager avoiding me

Hi @girl82721


This is most certainly not the feedback we like to see coming from our customers.

I can certainly appreciate how upsetting and frustrating this has become for you.


If you can provide me the complaint reference associated I can reach out to the team to help get this followed up.


Please let me know so we can assist further.


- Stef


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