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install lead in cable



I have purchased a block of 10 units in Ballina NSW 2478 and there is no lead in cable for fixed telephone lines. Every person I talk to at Telstra tells me that because there are 10 lines it is not their area of responsibility and transfer me to someone else who then says the same thing. Can someone please advise who do I contact to get the lead in cable install from the existing pit. Thanks Geoff

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Re: install lead in cable

Hi Geoff,


I would recommend that you talk to PhoneWorks if you need lead-in cable/s installed. They will need to install a 10-pair lead in cable which will need to be distributed between all blocks.


You can reach them at (03) 9750 0304
~ Will


I am not a Telstra employee, so all opinions are my own, I have been around Telstra telecommunications equipment a long time and have a reasonably strong knowledge in this area.

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