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Constant Account Denial

We took over my parents business approximately 2 years ago and changed business names. We had been having issues with another company interstate with a similar name, but different ABN. These companies were not related, but we would regularly receive bills for numbers that we didn't have. I thought this would be resolved with the name change.


I needed to get a new mobile at the start of the year and went to the nearest small business centre. Everything was fine until processing. I was advised that there was an outstanding amount on the account, even though nothing is showing, and that it had been referred to PACC and Prushka (the debt collectors). I rang Prushka and they advised that the debt was too small for them to worry about, but informed me that the bill was against a company with a different ABN (i.e the interstate company). This appeared to be resolved with PACC and I got my phone.


In July, I went to get a data SIM. The same thing happened. Each time this happens I lose a day between sitting in a small business centre with one staff member and 10 clients, and being on the phone to people that keep telling me that there is no amount owing on my account. Prushka had closed my case from the earlier proof that the debt wasn't owing on our account anyway.


I finally spoke to someone at 10:00 pm that went through things properly and saw an inconsistency on the side of PACC. I had a call the next morning that the issue had been escalated and cleared. I asked for written confirmation, but was assured that the case was resolved FOREVER and that it was not necessary. I got my data SIM.


I went to the Telstra small business centre today, and after 2 hours, was advised that the issue is still there! My account manager has been aware of the issue since the start of the year, but is unable to get this through PACC. Apparently there weren't any notes kept on file. Don't Telstra record calls for quality? I need to start recording calls for evidence.


I try to call PACC and you need an order number...I don't have one!


I run a small business. If I am looking after this type of issue that is not my doing (3 times), then I am going to lose money.


Were do I go from here? Ombudsman I think...


Can someone just



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Constant Account Denial

Hey! Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of the ongoing issues you've had. Do you have any reference numbers handy? They can usually begin with SR or INT. 

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