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IMAP legacy email address suspended without notice

As of yesterday,


my IMAP  business email account is now in suspension for 10 consecutive days.

There has been no notification of why this is so, either in the lead up or following the address suspension.

I have a primary TIO investigation underway and to my despair, Telstra is referring to the TIO report linked to my complaints registered with Telstra, to understand what is happening with their own systems.


Simply put:

1. Telstra suspended our IMAP configured business email account on 02 August 2017 shortly after 9:02am.

2. No notice was given when/why this would happen.

3. Technical support was unable to explain what is happening until the webmail portal indicated account suspension and I pressed them upon this matter.

4. I have been told that the complaint has been mistakenly registered three times, how important my business is, and a variety of other mealymouthed scripted nonsense.

5. Telstra is in the process of migrating it's IMAP server sytem and is being flagrantly dishonest about the failure (or existence) of any redundancies should the migration process stall.


Please, before you suggest an alternate email account understand that we have:

1. a substantial amount of marketing listing this email address (I would estimate in excess of $50 000).

2. Hundreds of customers and suppliers attempting to use this email address.


For you legal eagles, I am aware of multiple breaches of the Telecommunications Act 1997.



SR 1-1232208327120


If I could purchase my domain name and address, I would seek to annul every single contract that our business holds with Telstra at this time.

Instead I am expected to accept Telstra's deliberate obfuscation of the matter and pretend that this is business as usual.


Unacceptably disappointed and decieived,




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