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Individual access to My Account features (Enterprise)



I'm on an Enterprise plan with my company, and I'm responsible for my own billing. Many of my colleagues and I are frustrated by the lack of online functionality. Apparently this is not available to us as the system is designed only for central administrators within a corporate, and providing access to one individual will result in them having access to all accounts in the plan.


It means that we have no other choice but to receive paper bills via post, rather than online.

From what I hear from our managing agent, this is quite a common complaint with other companies also.


Are there any plans to enhance the system to allow online access to individual enterprise accounts?


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Re: Individual access to My Account features (Enterprise)

If you are on an Enterprise Fleet Plan, you should really be on the company account IIRC.


I can acutally configure Corporate Online Billing to provide access to a single account number in our Heirachy to a user, or to provide access even only to a specific number. That's assuming you or your Company Auth Rep have access?




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