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Logging in for Telstra services



Could somebody please tell me how I log in to use such things as Telstra Thanks and other Telstra services that require me to log in using my "Telstra Account Details"?

I have tried using


1. My Business account number 476xxxxxxx but nothing seems to recognise that number
2. My National Number N76xxxxxR but again nothing seems to recognise that number
3. My Service Number min25xxxxx but nothing recognises that either
4. My email address that is attached to the above and that comes up as the contact email when I log into the Business

Account Management (custdata) application, but when I try this the system says that I am not a business customer (can't work that one out).
5. My mobile number that is registered as the contact in Custdata, but it doesn't recognise that either.


I have also tried "Registering" using my email address and my mobile number that is linked to the custdata portal, but it tells me that I'm already registered and I can log in, so since I can't log in I hit the button to resend me mu User Name and Password. It sends me a link which says...


Click here if you are a consumer customer.


Please enter your:


Contact email address registered with us


Since I'm a business customer I proceed to enter my email address and I get the message,


"Sorry, we have identified that you are not a business customer. Please use the personal username retrieval."


So I click on the Consumer Customer link and get another "Forgotten Username" link


So I once again, enter my "business email" that is registered with Telstra apparently not as a business customer.


... and I get a Password Reset email


Hi Barry,
To reset your Telstra password, select the button below. This will take you to a secure website where you can create a new password.


If you are a BigPond customer resetting could affect your modem. For more information visit our help and support page.
For security reasons, this link expires in 24 hours.


I hit the button and apparently successfully change my password and am presented with a link to "Log In".


This takes me to the following page


which looks more like a "Register" page than a "Log In" page.


So I go along with it and enter my details including the new password that I just reset.


and guess what? I get the message "Good news, you have already registered the username

and can use this to log in."


so, now there seems to be no links to log in. So I change the word "register" in the address window and I get a login page for Telstra 24x7


and every time I try to log in on that page using the email and the password that I just reset I get


"We apologise for the inconvenience but due to technical issues we cannot complete your request. Please try again later."


This has happened many times.


So how do I log in using my business email and password, that does exist, but apparently is not a business email but won't work in either the business login or the consumer login areas?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Logging in for Telstra services

If the number of x'x in your account number is accurate, that means you have a 10 digit (old) account number. To log in to the new systems you need a 13 digit account number.


Have a chat to the My Account team and see if they can assist.

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Re: Logging in for Telstra services



Yes it's 10 digits. I will try the chat link but I'm dreading it. I've done that a couple of times before and always end up having to verify who I am about 3 times, and never seem to get much of a result from them even after an hour or so (referring to other issues I have had). Thanks anyway.

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