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My Account for Business / My Telstra Tools DOWN

Since the supposed migration a couple of weeks ago to the new Telstra "My Account" system, I have been completely unable to access My Account on the Telstra website. After logging into the business section, it just redirects to a 404 page.


I was just on the phone to Business Support and they advised there was an ongoing issue with no ETA affecting some customers.


On another matter, as part of the "upgrade", it appears the bill format was changed on my account so I am unable to download the bill in detailed format, the download request on just fails every time.


Are you serious that it takes two weeks to resolve heaps of customers being unable to log in? Or have I just been completely fobbed off and Telstra aren't interseting in fixing our account?


When the new migration is done, can we expect to be moved off the archaic and unreliable system that has caused us nothing but trouble, or will we still have to use that for billing?

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Re: My Account for Business / My Telstra Tools DOWN

Honestly - Telstra are the constant idiot. 


I received an email telling me


Your Telstra tools are ready to use - Your Business Account has been successfully transitioned from ‘My Account for Business’ to ‘Your Telstra Tools’, providing you all the same features in a new design layout' blah blah...


You go to it - its the old antiquated incredibly out of date Russian constructivist site - so I thought oh well - I will try and download it anyway - and it basically says it cant.


So because I cant stand calling Telstra anymore - hanging about on the very thing they service us by - spending ages on the phone making small talk - i go into 24/7 chat.....


Dianne kindly tells me 'About the update and new Business Telstra Tools or My Account still not completely update' (you think?)  She goes onto say 'System is still ongoing to update the tools'


I say - hey - I just want to pay my bill................ to which she replies "Let me see what I can do"


LOL - is this company going to go broke soon or what?


So yes.  Perhaps ignore the email telling you their great new service is happening.............



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